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ALERT: alien symbiote infestation in Steeltopia / Midas mission aftermath report - Wings, Brass & Bone

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October 16th, 2008

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10:53 am - ALERT: alien symbiote infestation in Steeltopia / Midas mission aftermath report

Emperor SteelCobra was attacked by a parasitic xeno yesterday. I have completed Class 5 Sterilization of the Consulate in Steeltopia. As a precaution I am following orders to isolate the Consulate's guardian organism, "Yoggy". As an invertebrate, it has thus far managed to ooze under or through several improvised containment units. 



I have confronted my Creator concerning the aftermath of the Midas mission. Over his objections, I am compelled to relay the following information:

The soul-chip of Gematria SteelGears was critically damaged from the encounter. Dr. Mason refuses to accept the damage is irreversible, but her essence is currently inert. In override of the edict by the Fates against family members time traveling, he has built an Ethereal Time Cabinet into a wheeled carriage to retrieve components for rebuiding her.

Koen has regenerated following a "fatal" wound on the mission. For reason not yet explained, he no longer carries his ka (an ancient Egyptian term he uses for defining the immortal aspect of his essence), the interdimensional being known as the Vortex. Furthermore, Koen has announced an estrangement from Dr. Mason.

Dr. Mason has taken on a new apprentice, a neko urchin from New Babbage named Oahu Wijaya. He does not bear the markings of the Bloodtail tribe, but he is undoubtedly descended from the neko of the Sumatra region. 

The whereabouts of Marcus Gabriel Mason and  the Midas must remain Classified until further notice.



I will begin transfer of dispatches to the Emigres of Europa Wulfenbach NING.  The lack of graphics uploadability (barring additional funds from the deva) has been an obstacle. I will pursue this course after containing the Yoggy organism, which appears to be reading this dispatch over my shoulder as I type.


Yoggy possesses faster reflexes than previously exhibited. This will take longer than previously estimated. I will do my best to avoid excess damage to both the Consulate structure and Yoggy.

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