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uninvited guests - Wings, Brass & Bone

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September 23rd, 2008

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01:36 pm - uninvited guests
Jeremiah's minion aimed his pistol at my head just as I felt a sudden drain in my power levels. The mindscape faded as I heard an echo of the gunshots. I was suddenly processing what was happening in the physical world around me. My systems were compromised by cables wrapping tight around my frame and burrowing their way into my power conduits, fastening themselves to my soul chip. Attempting to rip them free would have damaged me, if not destroyed me. I shut down all nonessential systems to extend my battery output. In this state I estimated I had two hours left of activity. 

In addition to the drain, I felt a series of rapid pulses of energy travel through the cables, through my chip and into the astral portal. With each pulse I felt an instant of another consciousness. Something was using my connection to the brothers to enter their psyches! I willed my essence back through the portal. I found myself at the same point where I had vanished.

I realize that this "virtual" Mason estate was fashioned by the memories of the brothers. But at no time in the family chronicles did I read of the plantation being overrun by several hundred Bloodtail neko. They were vandalizing everything in sight, and had already made short work of the butler. Several of them had pushed a bust of one of one of the Mason ancestors onto the tiles of the foyer, shattering it. They then lifted the Doric-style marble pedestal it had rested on, and were using it as a battering ram against the section of wall under the stairs.

They seemed to be unaware of me. Perhaps I had not yet fully reintegrated. I searched my database of the Founder's records of the Bloodtail language and gave a loud and direct command.


The neko stopped in their tracks, and stared at me with their slitted feline eyes.

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