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immersion - Wings, Brass & Bone

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September 19th, 2008

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12:37 pm - immersion
Being unable to penetrate the telekinetic barrier, I monitored the Mason brothers as best I could and continued trying to pry open a link to their locked psyches. They were both showing signs of physical distress with elevated temperature and heartbeat.

"Ash." The two spoke as one. As I feared, their minds were becoming entangled.

They presented a psychic image, it was the mansion of the Mason family estate, lit by flashes of lightning. It was a gateway. I projected myself through it and became immersed in their realm of memories and metaphor.

I climbed the stairs to the front door, wary of the storm brewing above me. I decided against knocking and pulled open the double-doors. I noticed that my arms, just as the last time I looked inward, were pale and wrapped in mystical sigils. As I swung the doors open, I heard a scream and the shattering of glass with the clatter of a metal plate. A young woman cowered in the corner as I approached cautiously.

"Madam. I am not here to harm you. I am merely here to..."

As I passed the gilded mirror I stopped in my tracks. I was staring at the Founder. I bore his image in every detail I could see, save for the fact that the sternum, the wherein my soul was housed, was glowing from traces of science and magic. I had only glimpsed this when scanning through the memories Bloodwing had left behind for me. This was the body I had come to life in. Therfeore, it was also my astral form, the internal self-image I had been ignoring for gears and boilerplate.

I willed my crimson wings to lower in time to see the reflection of a man in a butler's tuxedo emerge from a hidden panel behind me. He drew a pistol from under his jacket and aimed at the back of my head. 

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