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August 7th, 2008

01:52 pm - watch that last step
I totally sympathized with Master Darien, and allowed him to vent off some steam in his Mother's dialect while I supported him on my shoulders. Being in the body of thirteen year old, Darien did have some room to maneuver inside the trash chute that had opened in the underbelly of the massive Black Trireme.

I however was immobilized when the chute abruptly closed while I was trying reconfigure myself to fit in the passage. My wing assembly was crushed, my arms were pinned, and my neural relay had been severed below the waist.

"Okay, Ash...we can figure this out. You can't fit in here with me. But if I push you out, you crash and I might crash with you."


"I got it. Ash..." He held out his hand. "GIVE ME YOUR SOUL CHIP!"

Now it was my turn to demonstrate the creative applications of a Germanic language. When I finished, Darien was crumpled against the edge of the iron tube, hiding his face.

"Darien? Darien...I'm sorry. That was a time of extreme...helplessness for me that I never wish to experience again. Please forgive..."

"Well what have we here?" interrupted a screeching voice of something obviously inhuman. I felt a pair of bony claws wrap around my ankle, and then a similar pair of claws around my other ankle. "These are a mighty FINE pair of boots you got here! Now who'd want to waste footgear like this on a crappy old CLANK that's too big to push out the TRASH chute?" I winced as I heard my shin being slowly torn from its socket.

"I have an extra left boot! Perhaps we can make a..."

"No Siree! I'm looking for a set of eight myself!" One powerful twist after the other, and my lower legs torn away. Steam billowed from the empty sockets until my servos redirected the energy circulation.

Darien stared down at me in horror. "Ash?"

The sounds of my body scraping against the iron ampified up the tube. With one violent pull, my wings broke free from my torso assembly as I was wrenched out of the hatch. Thankfully the hatch snapped shut before Darien could be trapped and crushed, or fall to his death.

I took a wild swing at the purple arachnid that clung to the underside of the ship, but missed without coordination of my legs to get the correct leverage. He dangled me by the balls of my knee joints as I reached for my hip holster.

"Bad clank! No coal for you!"

I was able to reach my weapon, but as I plummeted towards Babbage Palisade I was spinning too quickly to aim. I impacted the rubble of the Muses Playhouse at maximum velocity. When I came to, the bearlike creature that had fell from the Midas before me was looming over me.

"Pardon, Sir? If you could kindly find my lower legs I could..."

The creature did not respond. It seemed to be grabbing at its own neck.

"Sir? Are you injured? I advise you not to damage your vertebrae by..."

The furry head fell off, onto my torso. The face of a badly bruised, but very much alive Koen Mason was grinning down at me.

"Hey Bro! Seen better days?"

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August 4th, 2008

12:29 pm - pulled aside


Master Darien tugged on my jacket while in I was entirely devoted to measuring the time fluctuations. I was able to lock my measurements before being tipped off balance. The boy was strapped and ready for another jetpack flight. I was warned by Frau Lowey to watch for such impulsive behavior.

"One moment, Darien. Three more fluctuations were detected in rapid succession, but only the final wave reached Earth. One from the coordinates where Hostel once existed. Another from New Erebus on Wormwood. And the final..."

"The Mason Plantation."

I lifted my chronometric goggles and stared at him. 

"How did you know?"

"I have a hunch. We're going to Babbage."

"Darien, you are not allowed to..."

"Ash? I need to get to Novem."

"Gematria is handling your affairs at Novem for the time being."

There was an uncomfortable lull in the conversation.

Business before RP. Just go with it.

"I have a hunch. I need to run some tests."

"Your Spark has not surfaced yet."

"It stirs. And you are going to help me so I don't blow myself up. At least until I refine some more Reanimation fluid."

"You disposed of the last of your supply, Darien."

"If I'm right I don't NEED any damn pomegranate juice!"

"Watch your language, young man. While the modern pomegranate is indeed a direct descendant of the Bloodfruit, I doubt even the most advanced fermentation equipment could..."

"Look..." He whispered into my ear. His theory, while lacking in details on the chemical level, was empirically sound. Not only would we recover a single dose of Reanimation Serum, but it would reveal some clues as to the forgotten Mason brother.

"Ash? Race ya!"

Current Location: Steelhead Consulate, en route to Babbage Palisade

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July 29th, 2008

09:13 am - darn it all
I regret that I was unable to attend the Baron's birthday, my sincerest apologies. However, once I noticed increased chronowave fluctuations from New Erebus I dedicated all of my processing to monitor the events. I was able to measure the next two localized ripples, where the chronowaves were concentrated. 

They were the remains of the Baltimore Mason plantation and the former site of the Bloodwing Foundation in Steelhead. There can be no question at this point as to whether the time ripples are a natural phenomena. They are being triggered with a purpose: to rewrite the history of  the Mason dynasty.

I was distracted from my work by one intrusion. I was visited by the newly reincarnated Koen Mason. (He explained that he was not permitted to appear as Vortex during this visit.) He was visibly excited to make my acquaintance. He embraced me and thanked me for risking my existence to save his.

I...was surprised by my reaction. I need to investigate the configuration of my emotions at a later date.

He asked me if I saw any records of him wielding adamantium claws. I had no such recollections, but then I found pictures of such in the family chronicles. He recalled the general time of their disappearance from his person while hunting flying salmon in Steelhead. The event corresponded with the most recent fluctuation.

A pattern appears to be emerging to the temporal revisions: 

First, the Galvanic Tesseractor technology was downgraded. 

Second, the time loop of Darien journeying to the past to masquerade as Jeremiah was broken.

With the most recent disruption, Koen was never thrown into the future by Bloodwing as a punishment for crimes against the family. Because of this, he never received his adamantium claws as a reward for helping a tribe of feral nekos destroy a nest of gigantic mutant scorpions.

Instead of the fabric of time starting to fray, to borrow a metaphor, it are being darned. Temporal disruptions are being removed, not created. 

This leads to the next question: What other events in the Mason History shall be rewritten next?

Ash Mason
Research Assistant
Consulate of Europa  


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July 24th, 2008

02:47 pm - Happy Birthday Baron Wulfenbach!

Master Darien explained that the pointed hat and uncoiling wind instrument were cultural requirements along with the rhymes. Personally, I don't think you resemble a primate much at all beyond the common special features all humans share. Furthermore I realize that your hygeine is impeccable as a Scientist. I haven't seen what test subjects you have in your laboratory, but it may possibly qualify as a "zoo", given poetic lisence.

Current Location: Consulate Office

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08:52 am - Astronomical and Aethermetric Analysis of the New Erebus/Wormwood Conjoinment

I have recorded observations from various visual telescopes and detailed aetherwave receptor measurements. The Wormwood comet and the space station known as New Erebus have made physical contact, but not collided. The latter seems to have landed on the former. Of further interest is that the two celestial bodies seem to now be stationary in defiance of all known laws of aetherdynamics. Known physics in an area around the two bodies seems to have simply stopped.

The recent chronometric fluctuations are indeed emanating from the stationary comet (asteroid?) as Master Darien supposed. The instances of sudden notice of historical discrepancies versus personal memories can be tracked precisely to the moments the chronometric waves passed through Earth orbit. What we are experiencing is an inversion of the Schroedinger's cat paradox. It is quantum superposition on an unprecedented (and perhaps by definition unrecordable) scale. Could the cessation of normal aetherphysics in the field around the two bodies be redirecting and radiating the building blocks of thie reality outwards to cause these distortions? Unable to formulate equation and measure aetherwaves to the degree of accuracy needed to test theory at this time.

Based upon the Founder's previous attempts to manipulate time we must assume that he is at least partially responsible for this event. I cannot at this time determine if it is possible to contact the Founder through the chronostasis field.  I taken the initiative to contact Qli-2. Considering the magnitude of this aberration in Time itself, utilization of Qli-2's anachronistic technical knowledge is required, overriding cultural protocols. Her memories of the dimensional collapse of the city of Hostel may be relevant to this case...or at the very least be an omen.

-Ash Mason, Research Assistant of Europan Consulate

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July 16th, 2008

03:32 pm - Escape from New Erebus
I lost track of events when fighting the Pandorus. My body was gone, and Frau Lowey had my psychic essence secured on her person while she was first fighting the abomination then escaping to the Wulfenbach ship. I did my best not to interfere. I was for the first time understanding the emotion of despair, when the loss of contact with Qli-2's frequency distracted me from the string of percentages that ran like a string of  zeroes. 

The probability of us lifting off and escaping orbit while New Erebus was sharply altering course must have been astronomical. I abandoned my consideration of the laws of physics in the deep aether when I felt myself pressed tight against the one that carried me as she strapped herself into one of the navigation chairs. I heard the ather transmission, as much of a death rattle as a proclamation...


It sounded exactly like Dr. Mason, were he in his death throes, which with much relief was not the case. I sensed him in the chair beside us...uninjured except for some bruises and and a severed prosthetic limb, which he clenched between his knees as he struggled to strap himself in with occasional help from hands behind his shoulders. 

I saw through Frau Lowey's eyes again as re-established the psychic link. First I focused on the dashboard. The instruments on Frau Lowey's dashboard were fluctuating wildly.  The scanner revealed that the surface of the space station was transforming. Even though the reinforcements established a psychic shield around New Erebus, I could feel the Founder's power grow exponentially as it merged with the city itself and claimed it.

I made out the outlines of the orbiting junk that was the Imperial Fleet of Hades. I could not account for all of the hulls that should have been strewn through the aether around us or crashed into the ground below, which quickly absorbed the wrecks, and the rest of the Avarian architecture, like quicksand. The surface was smooth except for a black structure where the Engine Room had been. Then, an astoundingly complex pattern of structures emerged from the clay. I did not have enough time to attempt to analyze further as our entire ship was shifted through the space between spaces, far away from the carnage.

Safely in the Void, the emotions of the crew came into focus. I sensed Frau Lowey's feelings envelop me like the tides as she lay her fingertips over my runes as she examined me for damage. From everyone on the ship I felt  the gratefulness of survival. I felt the pride of bravery in combat, especially from the Jaegers, countered by twinges of regret from the failed rescue. The emotions that ran through Dr. Mason's mind as his prosthehetic arm clattered to the floor were so intense and so conflicted I could not fathom them. I could only watch the tears roll down his face as he sobbed uncontrollably. 


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09:04 am - Upgrades and Edicts
With Frau Lowey no longer suffering from exposure to the Selenite psychic transmissions, Dr. Mason has relieved me of guard duty at the mines.  I immediately went back to my room at the Consulate and built a new back-mounted flight unit I had been formulating during my period of immobility. I tested it by flying to Babbage Palisade, where Dr. Mason was busy hiding his laboratory equipment and...classified equipment at to comply with Novem's new designation as "Welcoming All Avatars." There was a large amount of illogical decorations. I considered a line of query as to his mental health until I read the wall displays loaned by Sir J. J. Drinkwater. The display and the upcoming event tonight at 7pm SLT concerns the commemoration of Lewis Carroll's works. His novels are known for their surrealism and absurdity.  

He was visibly surprised by my new wing configuration. I heard him murmur that it looked familiar, but would not elaborate.

He then revealed a schematic he had taken of a cybernetic unit he had just encountered. It was of a highly advanced design. Apparently the individual had a central nervous system transplant into the construct form at least a decade ago and had never realized she was a cybernetic organism until recently when the seam of her dermal unit needed repair! 

I agreed that there was an ethical dilemna, but there was certainly a "need-to-know" basis at that point. I am certainly content that I was never deceived into believing I was anything other than a construct, and that the details of serendipitous (for me at least) creation were revealed to me as they were discovered.

I asked Dr. Mason about using the Galvanic Tesseractor to journey to Lost Angels in the Dark Future to recover Qli-2, to help with Gematria. I believe the metaphor for his reaction was..."going ballistic". He said due to the events leading to Bloodwing's demise, the Mason family was absolutely forbidden to engage in time travel until further notice. I asked how this message would be relayed to Qli-2, and he olny shrugged and went back to taking down the upstairs pictures of mating rituals and dispatched me to go tell Gematria of the new edict.

I have a received a transmission from the Baron concerning accessing a general announcement to all Consulate members. I will access it this evening after my Grid Aetheric Transponder has recharged. 

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July 9th, 2008

08:52 am - Regarding Castle Heterodyne
"False  Men - Puppet things of shadow and dead meat"

That is a very inconsiderate term. Organic construct would have sufficed.

"Wings of Brass and Bone" - That turn of phrase I can use. As a matter of fact, I think I will.

*grumbles in Pseudoromanian as he finishes recharging and gets back to guard duty*

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July 7th, 2008

10:47 am - staying in one place, and observations on movement
I am proud that my report on the Selenite expedition has been used as reference in other journals. Dr. Mason has seen fit to invite me into the High Tea & High Adventure Society. He has ordered me to guard the entrance to the Selenite mine. Specifically, no one with origins or ancestry from the Lower Planes are permitted inside (Mason family included.) Proof of override from Caledonian or Consulate authority required.

Gematria visited me while on duty. She said she had come back from an ethnic festival hosted by Dr. Figaro. Her red kimono was rather striking. She asked to borrow my repair kit.

Her gait had unusually small steps, but she insisted it was due to the construction of her garment. Apparently human females of that culture undergo gradual modifications of their feet to a "lotus" configuration to achieve an aesthetically pleasing (but impractical) method of ambulation. Fortunately for a construct like herself, the reconfiguration is simple to both achieve and reverse.

I have had problems myself in the past regarding human footwear. I notice female bipeds often complain about fitting failures for their ambulation equipment and are constantly searching for highly specialized gear for each assignment.
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June 27th, 2008

08:21 am - Submission to the High Tea & High Adventure Society: Report from the Selenite Mines
Images recorded here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hthas/

I joined the Society expedition at the Moors. Extensions of the alien ships were embedded in the soil from where it had crashed ages ago, the claws rotating and extending downwards at regular intervals. Were the ends of the claws not broken they may very well have neutralized anyone attempting to use the levitation device (verikon). When the claws were fully functional and programming still intact they wold have been an effective security system.

On the mushroom-shaped central console of the verikon was an indentation holding what appeared to be molten cavorite, which served as the power source. Engraved onto the console itself was a two-dimensional illustration summarizing what was to be found below. Also, symbols there, and repeated below, contained universal diagrams for focusing sound and light ("media controls"). The descent downwards was smooth for those who were sitting down. Also on the console and throughout the site were engravings of unknown script. (I find Col. Hotspur's insistence of identifying them as Earth languages highly suspect.)

Within the cavern itself, elements of the Selenite ecology were still intact. We were accosted by flying glowing crystals. I could not confirm the very birdlike "chirping" came from these crystals. Also there were stalagmite-imitating creatures on the roof of the cavern that attacked us by falling down over us. We were very lucky no one was injured. The stalagmoids would vanish and reappear from their nesting points before I had a chance to make a full scan.

Several outcroppings of a tan bulbous mushroom species were growing in the cavern. It seems unusual for a fungus of this sort to grow where it is impossible to take root in solid rock. At least one of them did tip over when touched. Chemical analysis revealed neurotoxins. [Has this species been categorized? Seleniticus?] Is it a coincidence that the sudden appearances of now fungi throughout the Realm of the Roses coincides closely with the discovery of the Selenite mine? Could these mushrooms be from spores released from the opened mine?

Arachnoid creatures lay dormant in the far end of the chamber and on the far wall. Their power sources were still running. The largest one appeared to have a weapons system. They did not respond to binary signals, nor to attempts to climb them and use them as vehicles.

In addition to the verikon there were three functioning artifacts of Selenite technology in the chamber: the holographic projector, the suspension pods and the wall monitor.

The holgraphic projector had a mushroom-shaped central control like the verikon, and also had an energized cavorite core visible in the center of the console. The media symbols were prominently displayed on all sides. Upon activation the "petals" of the projector would rise from the floor and encircle the operator and anyone else touching the console.

The hologram would project on the inner walls of the petals. It was a swirling pattern of green shapes on a black background. Some claimed it was a presentation of a Selenite, but I could not discern it. The audio portion sounded like hissing and propulsion of air through tubes (a whooshing sound). There was a non-symmetrical repeating rhythm to the sounds of about five seconds in length. Perhaps through extensive study we can learn how to utilize the device correctly (to the extent it can still function) and extract more data.

The glowing green suspension pods hung from the ceiling and would drop and engulf members of the expedition, then retract back to the cavern ceiling. Inside it was glowing green and there were loud organic sounds. After initial panic and attempts to breach the pods, the pods would respond to touch and drop the expedition members. These pods seemed to be depicted in the wall engraving holding Selenites. Since these pods are easily exited (by Humans at least) I suspect they were intended for life support and not incarceration.

The most intriguing artifact was the wall monitor. This piece was completely intact. It was a large circular pane of glass-like material with green glowing designs. The pane was encircled by a fitting rounded frame, then connected by a sprouting of rock to the cavern wall. A second such outcropping on the other side of the frame reached out to where more equipment must have been. There were angled borders that matched the style seen in the engravings. In the center characters that would scroll from bottom to top in repeating sequence. Here we have elements of Selenite script perfectly preserved. This must be the starting point for deciphering the rest of the engravings.

My theory is the monitor is reporting on machinery hidden within the cavern wall. Combine this with the fact that the giant claws at surface level match the design and proportional placement in the engraving of the Selenite mother ship force me to conclude that the Selenite mine, indeed this entire archaeological site - is the buried Selenite mother ship! I look forward to seeing more internal passages of the ship excavated, and perhaps the entire outer hull.

The wall engraving appears to be an inventory of the Selenite fleet and crew. Also there is a gridded map of ancient Caledon, before the northern half rose from the sea and connected to the Winterfell region. South of the Moors there was higher land than seen today. Perhaps the geological change was a result of their crash landing? The low level of coastal detail was noted. It may be the passage of time that wore away the details, as seen by the barely recognizable script.

In addition to the oval suspension pods depicted containing Selenites, I believe there were seperate images of Selenites traveling in the floating geodes, such as the one accessible from traveling above sea level in the verikon in a damaged pod. It could not determine how I found myself inside the hollow rock. Did it organically flow around me or was there refined teleportation? The geode descended at a non-fatal velocity and dropped me off at standing level at the surface entry site. Then the geode vanished. This may have been their preferred transit system outside of the ship. A complete inclusion in rock suggests they had no concern about suffocation, therefore no respitory system as we know it. Also they may have preferred a total seclusion from the Earth atmosphere which may have been harmful to their exoskeletons.

The only other general observations I make from previous contact with the artifacts of the Avarian civilization: There are no outward similarities between the Selenites and the Avarians. Further, no indication these civilizations had mutual contact. Also no similarity between the Selenites and the recovered technology of the "Martian" invaders that attacked Caledon and Steelhead.


Ash Mason (Tumim)
Product of Mason Labs
Member of the Consulate of House Wulfenbach
Current Location: Caledon Moors
Current Mood: intrigued

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