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September 11th, 2008

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03:30 pm - on the outside looking in

The passageway in the Midas had erupted in steam from the energies released in the magical duel between Marcus and Darien. My visual scanners were impaired in this environment. The heat of the steam made body signature detection useless. Darien was obviously overcome with rage, berating his brother who insisted upon being worshipped as the new Regent.*

I felt unfamiliar emotions rising in myself as well. Despite the previous agreement with Darien...

I am what remains of the Founder! I am built in His image! It is only natural that I...


Someone must rule...


[locate source]


These new voices were quickly silenced. There is not enough of the Founder in me to qualify as a reincarnation. I am my own soul.

So this was why the Founder tried to keep such tight control over the family. There is a biological imperative...an instinct...in the Bloodline to acheive dominance in the absence of a strong leader. This must be passed on in the human descendants. It ruled Aleister, Jeremiah's lives. How could it not be in Jeremiah's cloned children? What of the rest of the family?

The greatest surprise was when I found the two brothers, hands wrapped around each other's throats. I attempted a stunning blow to Marcus' head, but a telekinetic shield deflected hand. The were staring into each other's eyes, their occasional movements reflected perfectly in the other.

I attempted psychic contact with Darien, but all of his neuron receptors were locked with Marcus, and their energy signatures were too high to measure...several times more active than normal, even in a combat environment. All non-essential functions of their brains had been diverted to a war of neuron against neuron.

I realized this biological drive was driving them to destroy each other, but with a total interface such as this...both of their identities were in danger of being lost.

*Lumina Elvejhem had not yet accepted the mantle at this point.

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