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smarter than the average bear - Wings, Brass & Bone

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August 14th, 2008

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01:41 pm - smarter than the average bear
I refitted the bear mask and somehow managed on unlock a hatch with the huge padded claws sewn into the outfit. After hearing the ticking and giggling of gossiping dolls pass by, I crept down the corridor.   The dark luxurious carpet combined with the plushness of the suit muffled the creaking sounds coming from my legs, that I had hastily reattached at the knees. Through the earholes I could make out arrhythmic sounds which I assumed to be the cries of someone in extreme discomfort.  

I came to one of the larger chambers. A collection of Avarian crystals orbited near the center of the ceiling, glimmering and tracing intricate light patterns on the carpet. The pattern was so bright I wondered if the crystals were unstable. I heard laughter and the sound of crystals contacting each other. This could not have come from above (Avarian crystals tend to explode that way) , but I did see a gathering of round tables and chairs, and five dolls gathered around one of the tables on the far end. They were clinking their glasses, filled with that infamous vintage.

Behind them was a stage, and playing on a large white grand piano was a green-scaled demon wearing the most outrageous outcropping of hair one could imagine, much less on a reptilian. The loose fitting outfit was...

I cannot cross-reference the colors to any known creature or natural occurence. At first I began to wonder if my optic sensors were failing, then I pondered if there were worse humiliations in the Court of Erebus than wearing the bear suit. He did not seem to be playing a coherent song, but testing the instrument by playing discordant notes just softly enough as not to disturb the conversation of the dolls below.

"Ohhh they're both so dreamy!"

"I think Marcus is handsomer!"

"Oh of course, no one is arguing that, but Darien is bish too in a vulnerable kind of way."

I stopped in my tracks after I bumped into one of the tables. The glass tipped over on the tabletop above me. I managed to catch it in my paw before it broke on the carpet.

"I mean, Marcus has just...so much powerrr... and in a bish like that that's just sooo..."

"This one likes Darien better."

There was an awkward silence.

"Yeah, like, what-ever. You can be wing girl then, once we enslave them as vampires!"

"Ohhhh having two bishy brothers to make Bloodwine for us for the rest of ETERNITY! Cheers!"

Four glasses touched and lowered to sip bloodwine from porcelain lips, the one who abstained, who wore darkers clothes and hair then the rest slowly rose from the table.

"This one thinks she should go."

"Yeah, that one better..."

As the outcast weaved through the tables as the others whispered insults. As she walked just past me, she paused to gaze directly at me for a moment, then continued on. The demon on stage cleared his throat.

"Aye, it's a great time to be Blood Doll, isn't it Ladies?" He gulped nervously. I made my way towards the side of the room as the dolls turned their attentions to the entertainer. His hands searched the keyboard from some harmonious chords.

"Two young Masons...young forever...boy that's a lot of cute outfits to make them try on, isn't it?"

There were peels of laughter and light applause from the table.

The notes seemed familiar in sequence, but completely out of context. I think I felt my first sense of revulsion when I realized it was the Founder's song...

"Our domain, this kingdom come..." The Dolls fell silent, staring. They rose from their seats as the refrain started.

"And I believe, that we'll conceive..." They advanced towards the stage. I did not realize reptiles could sweat. He was barely able to finish "when I see this kingdom's mine" before the Dolls fell on him. As I found a greater sense of safety behind the bar he screamed his clearest note, and I heard fangs biting into flesh.

A trapdoor in the bar was slamming upwards under me into my midsection. I leaped backwards and assumed a submissive animal stance as a blue crustacean rose halfway from the panel.

"Wut? A Bay-uhrr? You cen take thet off, Suhr," he said. "We arr thee last two demons on boardt thees vessel!" I shook my head. It was better to act the part of the Fool I was dressed for than to risk discovery as an intruder. He poked my fur with his claw. "Eef you theenk the Doles weel spehr you as a Bay-uhrr, then goodt luck to you, Suhr." He tapped the metal circle over his apron pensively, and presented me with a bottle of Bloodwine. "Put thees on the bawr. They weel be hungry for more Bloodt-wiiine to clear thee palate of thee ee-chorr." He pried the cork loose with his claw in a casual gesture.

I nodded and held the bottle in my paw. It was not the best grip. "They weel run out soon. Ah weel hide myzelf een thee cellar now. If you can stop zee dizazter from happeneeng, do not let zee Mason boys drink thees! Egg-specialy thee hansom one or wee arr all DOOMED!" I turned my head to try and guage sincerity from his inhuman features, and I heard the bottle tip over on the wooden bar and begin spilling Bloodwine across the surface.

The Blood Dolls screamed as the wine expert slammed the trapdoor shut and locked it  from below.


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