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mutiny, and dolls overboard - Wings, Brass & Bone

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August 11th, 2008

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09:31 am - mutiny, and dolls overboard
I hit the deck with a loud thud and was dragged about a hundred hundred yards until I skidded to a stop. I decided the best course of action was to stay still until told to move, unless any other crewmembers had taken a head count. As I lay face-up, clouds would roll over the deck of the ship, obscuring my view of the darkening sky. I heard footsteps, and several Dolls passed me. One bent over from behind me to stare down at me.

"Lestrega?" she asked in a deceptively sweet tone. "I smell no ichor in this one...a drop at most." I heard screams from skyboat that were quickly muffled.

"We already drained that one, Denishka." Denishka curled her nose, bearing her fangs slightly.

"They don't have the sense to hide their own dead? Disgusting!"

"You want disgusting? This skyboat reeks! It smells like turpentine and cheap cologne! And the turpentine smells better!"

Denishka stuck out her tongue in disapproval. "Let's light it on fire and push in overboard! Who has a naphtha jet installed? Oh you do, Seiglinde? Would you be so kind?"

I heard the roar and saw the flare of a paint-fire soon afterwords. I heard the dolls groaning as they pushed the boat towards the edge of the ship, and the rope around the neck of my costume grew taught. They were now fighting against my weight. I heard the panic rising in their voices as the flames leaped higher and closer to their lacy outfits.

I was tempted to let the dolls catch fire, run around in a panic, and let the exploding boat damage the ship. However, to the best of my knowledge Darien was still on board.

For once I was in a danger that was easy to circumnavigate. As they pushed with all the might of their clockwork muscles, I pulled off the head of the bear costume and the noose that surrounded it. I pulled the head from the noose with one hand and quickly released my grasp on the rope. Denishka, Lestrega and Seiglinde screamed as they fell overboard along with the flaming skyboat. That is when I stopped to ponder the consequences.

"Ach! Did I just destroy the Muses Playhouse again?" 

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