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this was not in my job description - Wings, Brass & Bone

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August 8th, 2008

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10:05 am - this was not in my job description
At Koen's insistence, I donned the bear costume. A squad of demon-pirates landed in a skyboat, their ship barely navigable from load of grey-stained wood and carpentry tools.

I waddled out before them in bear fashion and activated the sound projector in the muzzle.


These demons were...gangly, and garishly dressed even for what was expected of pirates, and certain demons for that matter. They looked at me in stunned silence and turned to each other. I open my arms wide and roared again.

They jumped from the boat and hugged me. Not the reaction I was led to expect. However they did tip me over (my reattached legs were still adjusting) and began kicking me. That  I was told to expect. They stubbed their toes (all of these demons wore boots) while trying to kick me. There were loud clangs as they ineffectually assaulted my frame beneath the fur. I was worried that would give away my identity, but the kept at it until they dropped their load of wood on me and started rebuilding Novem.

Without so much as a Thank You, I would pass them one board after another as they constructed a semblance of a pirate's tavern. One pirate stood on my chest after the last board was removed and knelt down on my head. I saw his fangs through my eyeholes as he hissed at me.

"I have no idea who ye be, lad...everybody on the Midas is accounted for..." I heard his sword slide from his sheath. "But bein' th' Bear is the only way to survive as a stowaway on an Ereb ship." I noticed the sword at my throat was actually a flimsy form of wood. " That's how I started when I was a wee lad. Stay away from Princess Gem an' don't rile the Dollies, they're not our kind, an' next time someone gets shamed ye'll be Mr. Next-to-Last. Got it?"

I nodded, and he stood up again. They kicked me over to the boat and put a leash around my neck. Halfway up to the Midas they scooped me up and threw me overboard. I dangled by my neck from the leash off the the aft until they dragged me on the deck of the ship as they landed.
Current Location: Ruins of Novem, and upwards
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