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watch that last step - Wings, Brass & Bone

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August 7th, 2008

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01:52 pm - watch that last step
I totally sympathized with Master Darien, and allowed him to vent off some steam in his Mother's dialect while I supported him on my shoulders. Being in the body of thirteen year old, Darien did have some room to maneuver inside the trash chute that had opened in the underbelly of the massive Black Trireme.

I however was immobilized when the chute abruptly closed while I was trying reconfigure myself to fit in the passage. My wing assembly was crushed, my arms were pinned, and my neural relay had been severed below the waist.

"Okay, Ash...we can figure this out. You can't fit in here with me. But if I push you out, you crash and I might crash with you."


"I got it. Ash..." He held out his hand. "GIVE ME YOUR SOUL CHIP!"

Now it was my turn to demonstrate the creative applications of a Germanic language. When I finished, Darien was crumpled against the edge of the iron tube, hiding his face.

"Darien? Darien...I'm sorry. That was a time of extreme...helplessness for me that I never wish to experience again. Please forgive..."

"Well what have we here?" interrupted a screeching voice of something obviously inhuman. I felt a pair of bony claws wrap around my ankle, and then a similar pair of claws around my other ankle. "These are a mighty FINE pair of boots you got here! Now who'd want to waste footgear like this on a crappy old CLANK that's too big to push out the TRASH chute?" I winced as I heard my shin being slowly torn from its socket.

"I have an extra left boot! Perhaps we can make a..."

"No Siree! I'm looking for a set of eight myself!" One powerful twist after the other, and my lower legs torn away. Steam billowed from the empty sockets until my servos redirected the energy circulation.

Darien stared down at me in horror. "Ash?"

The sounds of my body scraping against the iron ampified up the tube. With one violent pull, my wings broke free from my torso assembly as I was wrenched out of the hatch. Thankfully the hatch snapped shut before Darien could be trapped and crushed, or fall to his death.

I took a wild swing at the purple arachnid that clung to the underside of the ship, but missed without coordination of my legs to get the correct leverage. He dangled me by the balls of my knee joints as I reached for my hip holster.

"Bad clank! No coal for you!"

I was able to reach my weapon, but as I plummeted towards Babbage Palisade I was spinning too quickly to aim. I impacted the rubble of the Muses Playhouse at maximum velocity. When I came to, the bearlike creature that had fell from the Midas before me was looming over me.

"Pardon, Sir? If you could kindly find my lower legs I could..."

The creature did not respond. It seemed to be grabbing at its own neck.

"Sir? Are you injured? I advise you not to damage your vertebrae by..."

The furry head fell off, onto my torso. The face of a badly bruised, but very much alive Koen Mason was grinning down at me.

"Hey Bro! Seen better days?"

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